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Where to Bet on CrossFit

It is a challenge to find a decent platform for betting on CrossFit. Despite its popularity, the fitness regimen is not widely covered by bookmakers. The following gambling sites are most likely to be the best betting markets for CrossFit fans:

  •         22Bet – offers an exclusive welcome bonus which equals 100% of your first deposit;
  •         Betway Sports – credit for free bets is here;
  •         Spin Sports – a decent welcome bonus and a great community for novice bettors.

The mentioned websites also offer a strong security system which is critical when betting online. After all, once you let the private data slip, you might become open to scamming activity. Besides, the websites we recommend are also very flexible in terms of fast payments and additional bonuses on top of regular wins.

What are the Chances to Earn Good Money

It depends on where you’re heading when you search for the betting companies. Making cash from the CrossFit events is not easy, so you have to look for a top betting site with plenty of good reviews. It’s another perk when a bettor has iOS and Android versions: you can place bets and track progress at any time and place.

For now, there are limited numbers of available wagers, so you can gamble on winners of the different divisions. There’s always better value in the prop bets than in the outright winner market. On the other hand, preparing your CrossFit Games picks is not like working on predictions for traditional sports: it’s simply hard to find detailed information on competitors so bring the intuition to the game.

Advice to Consider

The advantage is – the bookies are in the same tough spot as you are. They don’t have the large sets of data they use for other events, so it’s more likely for them to make mistakes with the CrossFit Games odds they offer. Besides, if you get to know CrossFit more, you’ll find out the strategies used for other sports can be applicable for this one.

Here is the list of general recommendations before you start:

  1.     Check the winners from last year – look for the athletes who performed well in the previous years and try to follow their careers briefly. Make sure to look at top ten performers, for example, since it’s a rare case for an athlete to appear for the first time and destroy the best of his competitors;
  2.     Track the qualifiers for rising challengers – just look out for the most promising athletes so you’ll be able to recognize a winner even in the most unexpected situations. Usually, the ones in perfect shape from the start will do great till the end of the season;
  3.     Follow the community – CrossFit is not limited by training; it is about a specific mindset and community of people who share the same goals. We agree that researching CrossFit wagers can be complicated since you can find a ton of information sources for more popular sporting events. Follow the official Facebook and Reddit page to stay updated on Games, and visit the official website to look for competition features videos, news, key dates, and many other useful facts.

If you aim to bet on CrossFit Games and get real money, you should explore every possibility to get to know it more. Connect with people, attend training, and join online communities. Get inside of the system to understand its principle and win. Everything is there, you just need to work harder for prominent results and big winnings.