What Is Build Up

Build Up started as a CrossFit gym in a garage. Over 5 years, it has grown exponentially into one of the biggest gyms in the East Valley. At the beginning, Build up was 100% CrossFit (If you don’t know what CrossFit is, go to our CrossFit page). Over time, we realized that everyone has a different fitness journey in their life and Build Up wanted to cater to a broader audience. We have CrossFit, Yoga, Boot Camps, Body Transformation Classes, Personal Training and Build Up Warriors (Parkour, ninja warrior and tumbling). Build Up is always growing and testing out new programs as well. We see our facility as a playground for fitness to happen. We stay true to core values of CrossFit which is constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. In all of our programs, we are switching things up and do them as fast as we can.
Build Up CrossFit is a place where real fitness happens.  We do not subscribe to quick fixes or fitness fads. Here is Build Up’s core values:
  • We believe everybody’s bodies are different and we promote trying to become the best version of you.
  • We believe results come through consistent, high intensity workouts.  It has to be hard.
  • We believe in lifting heavy things and that everyone can lift heavier things than what they think.
  • We believe mental toughness is a key component to a person’s fitness level.  The mind will generally give out before the body.
  • We believe a culture of community and camaraderie can take a person a long way in their fitness journey.
  • We believe a gym should be fun and a place where only positive things happen.  No egos and no drama.
  • We believe what you put in your body makes a difference.  No workout regimen can overcome a bad diet.
  • We believe achieving your fitness goals means making fitness a part of your daily life on many levels.