Daniel Zapata Owner/Coach

I was born and raised here in Mesa and began with sports as soon as I was old enough to be put into a league. Baseball is where I landed and was fortunate enough to play from 5 years old through college. CrossFit was a great transition from that environment and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been over 6 years now and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else to stay healthy and capable to carry out any task thrown my way. 

“Blur the distinction between strength training and metabolic conditioning for the simple reason that nature’s challenges are typically blind to the distinction” -Greg Glassman



Jessica started her fitness journey as a runner and became a very good  one at that. After years of doing endurance sports such as marathons,  she decided she wanted to get strong and feel more comfortable doing all  the things life brought her way. She quickly became a force to be  reckoned with and found that many people came to her asking for advice.  She decided to become a certified CrossFit coach and has never looked  back. Jessica never hesitates to tell you what you’re doing right and  what you’re doing wrong. She will motivate you and always is looking to  help. She is married to CJ Carling, who is no slouch in the gym, making a  very fit couple. They have 3 boys and they all love to use their bodies  to enjoy life.



Justin is a Level 1 CrossFit coach. He has always been very  active in sports; swimming, football, wrestling, baseball, anything that  needed a competitor/player. Justin started CrossFitting in 2007,  pulling a Workout of the Day (WOD) off the internet and dragging anyone  he could out into the backyard or to the nearest retention basin to  complete a WOD. Justin has always felt compelled to be prepared for any  situation so the functional movements of CrossFit fell right inline with  his “prepper” personality. He loves that CrossFit can be scaled for any  fitness level and that it helps strengthen the entire body with WODs  that are varied everyday. He loves working with people and helping them  meet their goals.