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Which Build Up Program is Right for You?

Here at Build Up we offer CrossFit, Bootcamps, Personal Training, Tumbling, and NinjaKour training…. oh, by the way we also have an awesome protein smoothie bar.

CrossFit is different than anything you may have tried in the past. The workout is a challenging but brutally effective program. CrossFit workouts are intense but we scale them to fit your fitness level, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum.

Bootcamp classes are generally a little bit longer where as a group everyone cycles through the movements and you are pushing yourself for most of the hour.  In the bootcamp classes we offer nutrition counseling and the bootcamps are actually 6 week programs.

Personal Training is a one on one with the coach of your choice.  The coaches will push you beyond the limits of what you would normally push yourself.  The coaches will also help you to work on “trouble” areas.  The progress will be great and your goals will be reached.

Build Up Warrior “NinjaKour” classes are a combination of ninja warrior, obstacle course, and parkour training.  Balance, strength, coordination, endurance, body awareness, and confidence will all improve as the individual has fun jumping, climbing, vaulting, swinging, and rolling while learning skills.

Tumbling classes will consist of movement based warm-ups and working on progressions for skills such as back hand springs, back flips, aerials, and other movements.  Flexibility, Strength, and Conditioning will be included.

If you want real results and a new lease on life, we have a friendly atmosphere and a number of programs and times to fit your schedule.
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What to Expect in a Build Up Class

A Typical CrossFit, BootCamp, Body Transformation or NinjaKour class will include the following :

  • 10 minutes before scheduled class time – arrive at the gym and sign the waiver and tour the box. A coach will greet you and get you going on a light, easy warm up.
  • You will be coached through every aspect of what you are doing, you will be monitored for safety and movements can be scaled as to make sure all levels can participate.
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