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Certified Trainers


Dave Eaton

is a Level 1 Certified Crossfit trainer. I have been Crossfitting since October of 2009 and this has become a passion of mine. I join Leiftime Fitness and trained with them along with garage training at home. I quickly discovered that this is something that I love and something I wanted to share with others. I knew it would take time to learn the movements and that it would take time to get to where I needed to be physically to be an example of how CrossFit can change someone. I was level 1 certified in late 2011 and in the beginning of 2012 I began training others. I quickly had a lot of people in my garage and I knew I needed to take this to the next level. Join us and we will help you discover what you are capable of, like I have. This is a lot of fun!!!

Ricky Rogers

is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer. He was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, but his family moved to the cornfields of Gilbert at the age of 6. Ricky has had a passion for sports and competing in general his whole life. He got his first trophy racing his Big Wheel at the Chandler race track when he was 6. Something about the competition got in his blood. From then on he considers himself an average Joe. He played every sport he could. In high school he played tennis, ran the 4 X 100 in track, soccer and football. Like most, after high school the competition ended. An occasional softball league or a pick up basketball game didnt cut it. Ricky got into lifting in college, but that too got boring when you go and do the same routine week after week. For awhile triathlons and open water swimming events fueled the fire. A few Ironmans later, it got a little boring. Then he found the sport of CrossFit. CrossFit does not take up 8 hours on a Saturday like a long bike ride would; he can be in and out of a workout in less than 30-40 min. It is something his wife and 5 kids really appreciate. CrossFit was the perfect balance of competition, and physical fitness that he was looking for.

Kristi Rogers

is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer. She was born in Phoenix and from the age of 6-18 she played tennis and softball. Unlike her husband Ricky she did not enjoy the competition. She loved playing but she wanted Everyone to “WIN”, no losers. After high school, Kristi moved to Utah for school and worked with a trainer at a gym. She really enjoyed lifting weights but it took too much time to get in her cardio and lifting when trying to excel in school. After marriage and 5 kids she found CrossFit. She enjoyed the sense of community and the only true competition was with yourself. She has found that CrossFit gives her what she likes, everyone can win.

 Jared Organ

I’m Jared Organ. I’m married with four kids. I am 28 years old. I have a degree in Exercise and a Wellness from ASU. I am a level one CrossFit trainer. I’ve been doing CrossFit now for a year and I love it. I’ve studied a lot over the last few years about how the body responds to exercise. CrossFit brings great results in terms of aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength, power, speed, agility and flexibility. I love training people and watching them accomplish things they never thought possible. It is great to see their smiles and their confidence soar!

Olympic Lifting Coach.

Colin Rigney PT, DPT, OCS currently works a s a Physical Therapist at IHPT in Laveen AZ. Personal Coaching Statement: I believe in empowering the individual to take responsibility with their training. Everyone has different goals and each person will require a different approach. Weightlifting is an individual sport, so I believe it requires an individualized approach to coaching. I believe my diverse athletic background allows me to reach and help more people than the average “weightlifting coach” because I have both coached/participated in team and individual sport. While helpful, paper certifications only go so far, I believe good coaches are ones who have immersed themselves in their craft, seek help from those better/more experienced than them and primarily care about the process, not the outcome. • Colin Rigney coaching bio:
-Basketball Jones camp instructor summers 1999‐2006 in CA
-Asst varsity soccer coach at Fortuna High school, CA 2001‐2003
-Assistant varsity basketball coach 2003‐2004 Fortuna high school in CA
-Head 8th grade varsity basketball coach at Fortuna Jr high 2002‐2003 • -Basketball Camp instructor at Humboldt State University summer of 2004 • -USA weightlifting Sport‐specific certification 2006. Portland, OR (instructed by Mike Conroy). • -1998/’99/’00 attendee at the Reebok Basketball Coaches conference with Bob Knight, Dave Bliss, Rick Majerus, Steve Lavin, and others
-USA weightlifting club coach certification 2007. San Francisco, CA (instructed by Jim Schmitz, 3 time US Olympic Team coach 1984, 1988, 1992). • -Coached in 2012/2013 Jr National Weightlifting Championships
-Coached 2 weightlifting athletes at the 2013 Jr National Championships who were represented in the top 40 jr rankings across all weight classes (18‐21 yrs old) in 2013 out of Crossfit Lifetime in Mesa, AZ