Don't be Intimidated

Don’t be Intimidated by CrossFit

Intimidated to start CrossFit?

By Jon Arnett

“It’s too hard.”
“I’m not in shape enough for it.”
“I won’t be able to last the whole time.”

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First off, ‘That’s what she said!’ (or he said, because at Build Up being PC is a top priority). PHEW, if I wouldn’t have got that out of the way it would have been itching through the rest of this post. Now to get real. If you’re reading this, pat yourself on the back. That’s a start. Step One in Alcoholics Anonymous is admitting you have a problem. Step One in starting CrossFit is admitting that you do indeed want to start.

But what to do now? I’m not going to go into the reasons people are intimidated, related to the financial commitments and negative health rumors that always seem to circulate around the topic of CrossFit. You know you want to start CrossFit but you’re a bit intimidated to actually go to a CrossFit gym to check it out. You’re afraid that because you don’t like one of the 300 Spartans of Thermopylae that you’re in no shape to start CrossFit. You feel like you don’t have the right clothing and footwear. You’ve heard that the gyms are infested with that typical d-bag who works out indoors wearing his sunglasses and his hat, his collar is popped and he always seems to have an endless supply of pooka shell jewelry. This fear to start- this fear to participate- is actually the very fear that often times prohibits us from achieving the goals that we set for ourselves.

The name Build Up has everything to do with overcoming these fears. We want to help you overcome little fears every day, even in every workout. Just like you’re not going to master the harp in one day you’re not going to get in the best shape of your life by simply “wanting” to start CrossFit. In recent years a term known as “anthropomaximology” has become more and more common. Simply put it has to do with the study of maximizing human potential. In these studies there are common traits and characteristics found in those that we may think of as “super-humans” (think mutants like X-Men). One of these traits is the pattern of refusing to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Think about it, how often do you avoid doing something that could really help you grow and progress and only because you’re AFRAID that it will be an uncomfortable situation or an uncomfortable conversation? I’m not even talking about CrossFit now. I’m talking about life! Too often we are afraid to truly live life. We become complacent, lazy, fearful, and TOO comfortable. That’s right, I’m telling you that being comfortable too often and too much is a BAD thing. You can’t expect to grow and overcome weaknesses by living a plush life.

BatmanWhich brings me back to CrossFit. The real reason you’re afraid to start isn’t because you don’t look like Leonidas. Nobody does when they start. You’re actually just like EVERY other person that first starts. In fact, our trained and certified coaches can take ANY workout and cater it to anybody’s needs and fitness levels. That’s right, a workout designed for a fireman (shoutout to our buddy Geoff) can be modified so that your grandpa can do it and benefit from it. You’re not afraid because of clothing, in fact did you know that I heard Build Up is thinking about incorporating a nude class into their schedule? Idk, it’s just what I heard. But seriously, being worried about what to wear isn’t your real fear. Grab some shorts and a shirt and some sneakers and let’s go! Now as far as d-bags at the gym are concerned, I am proud to say that statistically Build Up has the least amount of d-bags. We used science and mathematics to gather this data. I have yet to see popped collars, sunglasses indoors, and pooka shell necklaces at Build Up CrossFit. But these things are all just tip of the iceberg stuff. So let me tell you exactly what you can expect at Build Up CrossFit.

I’ve said it before, we’re more than a gym. We’re a freaking fitness family from all walks of life. In our doors you’ll find men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We have different beliefs and views but none of that matters. Because we’re all sweating together and pushing each other to be better than we were yesterday. Nobody is going to judge you for not being as physically fit as someone else. We’re just going to be glad you decided to come back, because like you, we know how hard it is to want to go back after getting our butts kicked the day before. But that’s what Build Up CrossFit is all about. Pushing through the uncomfortable mental walls and getting better and better.

Here are some tips to help you make that final plunge:

1) Stop thinking of all the reasons not to do it. You’ve seen what CrossFit can do for others and YES it can do that for you too! So just accept that you’re about to start.
2) Set some goals. I was once told that you can turn dreams into goals simply by writing them down. Don’t limit yourself to fitness goals. Maybe you want to make some more friends? That’s something you can do at Build Up. Write these goals down and share them with a coach or someone else at the gym.
3) Just freaking show up! JUDAS PRIEST! At least come in and sign the waiver. We’ll get you started on your trial. Give one week. Just one week. It won’t be super intense yet. It will be a good intro to CrossFit. But you will still work hard. If after a week you still don’t feel like this is right for you, then no worries. We’re still friends and we hope to see you back.
4) You’re going to work hard. You’re going to push yourself and occasionally be pushed. You will be leaving behind complacency. You will learn to break down mental barriers. Be ready for it. And be excited about it. It’s time to start living life.

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