May 9, 2016

Ok everyone, it’s TESTING WEEK!!!

With all the changes we’ve been making, we’ve also made a changes to testing week.  New workouts and new benchmarks to record.  We still record all of our times in the folder on a new sheet.

If you miss a day, you can do the day you missed on another day or Saturday.  The benchmarks we will be doing this week are Max Deadlift, Max Shoulder to Overhead, 2k row for time, 1 rep max Clean & 1 rep max front squat.  You can do these if you know you’re going to miss one of the days in order to get ahead of the  game.

Monday – ‘ The Muy Caliente’

Group warm up
25 min amrap
30 thrusters (95/65)
30 push ups
Run 400 m

May 5, 2016

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 rounds)
-200 m run
*if legs feel good push these if not cruise them out legs will get plenty of work tomorrow

15 min emom
Min 1- 30-45 Sec hanging L-sit
Min 2- 15 hollow rocks
Min 3- 150 m row