Monthly Member Bio James Allen

I used to struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD until I was introduced to CrossFit a little over a year ago. It seems crazy to jamesallenthink that something so elementary as a way of working out would change a life so much and so easily. I have always been active but have never been in shape and I still don’t really think that I am in any sort of shape other than round. After spending four years in the Marine Corps, SEMPER FI, I found myself without direction and purpose. I was always looking for the next big thing that would push me to the edge. It was not until I started CrossFit that I would find something that would push me mentally and physically to the edge. There are times when the workouts are not so bad and then there are those that lend a hand to a euphoric, emotional experience where your brain wanders during a workout and you start to figure out who you really are. You think about how much it sucks that you are working out right now and that you just want it to be over with. Then you have that turning point. That point where you decide that you are there to conquer and etch your future with something that is once again so simple; a workout. CrossFit has taught me many things about who I am. I have met some amazing people and have had the fortunate opportunity to share my story. To some, CrossFit is just that, a workout they do when they feel like it. CrossFit to me is medicine. It has changed my life and I hope that I can help other veterans and people that may struggle with mental issues show how they can overcome and cope with those obstacles and become a better person. I still live with PTSD and anxiety in my everyday life. CrossFit and the CrossFit community has helped minimize the symptoms and calm my anxiety and has allowed me to be a better person overall.

Monthly Member Bio Aug, Michelle T

My name is Michelle Twilley. I am a mom for 4 awesome kids ages 11, 9, 8, and 6. My husband and I have lived in Mesa for 11 years and have enjoyed it. This coming month will mark my year anniversary with Build Up Crossfit. I always told myself that I would not jump on the crossfit train. I didn’t really know much about crossfit and figured it would just be a fad. A friend finally convinced me to go and I have never looked back. Crossfit has given me a chance to see what I am capable of and the changes I have seen in not only my physical self but mental self is gratifying. I have done things I never thought I could. I love walking in the doors of Build Up and having so many friends and coaches there to help, encourage, and push me to my limits. It truly is a crossfit family and I am honored to be part of it.

Monthly Member Bio Aug, Misty K

I found Build Up Crossfit through a good friend of mine . We were gym buddies for about 2 years at a boot camp. After our boot camp closed their doors for good she found something bigger and better! Just like the majority ,I was excited and scared shitless to try crossfit out. However I put my big girl pants on and after my second class I was like sign this girl up! Build Up has been an important part of my life for the past year, and I don’t plan on changing that. I can’t thank the coach’s and members enough on how amazing and supportive each and everyone of them are. We truly are like one big family. Thank you Build Up for everything you do for me!IMG_9818

Monthly Member Bio July, Kathryn

IMG_9081I’m Kathryn Chamberlain and I’ve been going to Buildup Crossfit for almost 10 months. I had heard a lot about crossfit and how much people loved it so when I found a deal on Living Social I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to try it but I was also very nervous. The coaches as well as the other members of the gym were so nice and welcoming, I couldn’t help but become obsessed with the people and the workouts. I still get nervous, pretty much every day, because I know I’m going to be pushed to do things I don’t want to do. I know I’m getting stronger and better though because the days I think I can’t finish the workout and it’s gonna be too hard, I somehow finish every time with everyone cheering me on. I love it!

Monthly Member Bio July, Allan

me1I had no idea what crossfit was, other than rumors of it being a cult like group and work outs were done in a group atmosphere like zumba or jazzercise, but with super heavy weights. So I decided to see if the rumors were true and I found BuildUp through my employers website and had a few friends join me for the trial workout.
After doing Helen I was hooked! I came back the next day and signed up for more.
I quickly found out the rumors I had heard about crossfit were wrong. It wasn’t so much a cult, it was more of a family. I found the people at BuildUp were positive and encouraging. The coaches/trainers and members pushed me on my “on” and “off” days, and I found comfort in knowing that everyone else was going through the same pain I was during workouts….the zumba thing is still up in the air though, because when the right song comes on you can sometimes spot coach Eric busting out his dance moves during a wod.
But in all seriousness thanks to all the staff and members for making Build Up a great gym that continually challenges people physically and mentally.