CrossFit – My First CrossFit Workout

CrossFit – First CrossFit Workout?

I remember my first CrossFit workout and I have been there for so many others first workout.  It usually begins with, “that’s it?”

Well “that it?” becomes something that bites them in the butt.  I love how CrossFit finds a way of exposing our greatest weaknesses.  I like to tell people that CrossFit will help you achieve your ultimate level of fitness based on your genetic makeup….become the best version of yourself.

Come in and become there greatest version of you.


Top 5 Misconceptions about CrossFit Infographic

CrossFit is an incredible  program for taking control of your health, physique and appearance. Because it is so effective and different, there are a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit; these are the top five misconceptions keeping people from trying CrossFit or taking control of their life. Continue reading Top 5 Misconceptions about CrossFit Infographic

CrossFit Hiking

CrossFit Hiking at Cibecue Falls, Arizona

CrossFit saved my life last Saturday, slight exaggeration, it did save my hike, though.
Last Saturday, 6 families in my neighborhood decided that it would be fun to do the Cibecue Falls hike with our kids. We’d heard it was an easy 1.5-mile walk on a broad smooth path, on the Apache Reservation, at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon. Continue reading CrossFit Hiking