Monthly Olympic Lifting Tip The Turnover

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An important aspect of weightlifting, and something I’ve learned listening to other good weightlifting coaches in both the snatch and CJ, is the turnover.  This action is very specific to getting under the bar after the bar passes the hips.  Everyone who lifts knows the pull is very crucial to a good lift but it doesn’t stop with that.  A good turnover is a violent action of using the arms to “snap” the bar into place while pulling the body downward simultaneously in both the overhead position in the snatch or to the shoulders (with high elbows) in the clean as the bar moves past the hips and through the trunk of the body.  Many cross fitters I’ve worked with are fairly adept at pulling the bar upward without issue but forget to pull under it.  A good turnover will allow the lifter to become more efficient and not have to pull the bar as far (compared to a “power” snatch or clean).  Come to class on Tuesday nights to get some more insight on these concepts!


Coach Colin’s July Tip, Lifting Positions

Lifting isn’t a “one size fits all” scenario and there is room for variation with each individual.  However, there are certain characteristics for each portion of the lift that we look for with consistency.  See the following photos with captions. These pictures aren’t an all-encompassing description of the entire lift but is meant to detail where the bar should be in relation to the body from the floor to the hips.

Start position
Hips slightly above knees
Bar directly over the base of the first big toe
Eyes focused straight ahead
Shoulder blades squeezed backward and down
Shoulders directly over or slightly in front of the bar
Back flat


Start Position, crossfit mesa az

Below knee

Shins pointing straight into the ground (perpendicular with floor)
Shoulders in front of the bar
long, straight arms (elbows pointing away)
eyes/head focused forward
back flat

Below Knee, Crossfit gym in mesa az

Above knee
Shins pointing straight into the ground (perpendicular with floor)
Shoulders in front of bar
Long, straight arms (elbows pointing away)
Back straight, tall chest

Above knee, crossfit az

High position

This is the last position before the initiation of pulling your body underneath the bar or initiating the turnover portion of the lift.
Shoulders behind the bar
Arms long, elbows pointed away
Back straight, tall chest
high position, Crossfit Mesa azFor More Olympic Lifting fun there is a free Oly class for all members Tuesday night at 7p.

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